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Welcome To Robert's World Of Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts

RAW 1997
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Raw 01/06/1997
Owen Hart Vs. Mankind
Bret Hart Vs. Vader
Raw 01/13/1997
Marc Mero and Goldust vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Jerry Lawler
British Bulldog vs. Rocky Maivia
Undertaker vs. Crush
Raw 01/20/1997
British Bulldog and Owen Hart vs. Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon
Faarooq vs. Bart Gunn
Steve Austin vs. Undertaker
Raw 01/27/1997
Ahmed Johnson vs. Crush
British Bulldog vs. Doug Furnas
Vader and Mankind vs. The Godwinns
Raw 02/03/1997
Vader vs. Steve Austin
Savio Vega vs. Flash Funk
Owen Hart and British Bulldog vs. Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon
Crush vs. Goldust
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Marc Mero
Mankind and Faarooq vs. Ahmed Johnson and The Undertaker
Raw Thursday 02/13/1997
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Rocky Maivia
Head Bangers vs. Bob Holly and Aldo Montoya
Savio Vega vs. The Undertaker
Steve Austin vs. Sycho Sid
Owen Hart and British Bulldog vs. Crush and Faarooq
Vader vs. Bret Hart
Raw 02/17/1997
Bret Hart vs. Sycho Sid
Marc Mero vs. Savio Vega
Rocky Maivia vs. Leif Cassidy
Hardy Boys Vs. Head Bangers
Flash Funk vs. Owen Hart
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Bart Gunn
Raw 02/24/1997
The Godwinns vs. The New Blackjacks
ECW Match- Little Guido vs. Big Stevie Cool
Sunny vs. Marlena
Savio Vega vs. Goldust
ECW Match- Mikey Whipwreck vs. Taz
Head Bangers vs. LOD
ECW Match- D-Von Dudley vs. Tommy Dreamer
The Undertaker vs. Faarooq
Raw 03/03/1997
Triple H Vs. Bret Hart
Rocky Maivia Vs. Vader
Sultan Vs. Flash Funk
Sycho Sid Vs. Mankind
British Bulldog Vs. Owen Hart
Raw 03/10/1997
Rocky Maivia Vs. Tony Kucker
Heavy Metal, Pentagon & Pierroth Vs. Hector Garza, Octogan & Latin Lover
Ahmed Johnson Vs. Roy Raymond
Owen Hart & British Bulldog Vs. New Blackjacks
Leif Cassidy Vs. Miguel Perez
Billy Gunn Vs. Aldo Montoya
Goldust Vs. Tim McGeeny
Jerry The King Lawler Vs. Paul E.
Vader & Mankind Vs. Sycho Sid & The Undertaker
Raw 03/17/1997
Legion Of Doom vs. Crush & Savio Vega
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Flash Funk
Mini Vader & Mini Mankind vs. Mini Godust & Mascarita Sagrada, Jr
Sultan vs. Mike Bell
Vader vs. British Bulldog
Billy Gunn vs. Ken Shamrock
Sycho Sid vs. Bret Hart
Raw 03/24/1997
British Bulldog and Owen Hart vs. Head Bangers
Bart Gunn vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
El Mosco, Hysteria, and Abismo Negro vs. Venum, Super Nova, and Discovery
Flash Funk vs. Brooklyn Brawler
Leif Cassedy vs. Rocky Maivia
Ahmed Johnson vs. Savio Vega
Raw 03/31/1997
British Bulldog vs. Owen Hart
El Mosco vs. Super Nova
Jesse Jammes vs. Jerry Fox
Crush and Savio Vega vs. Rod Bell and Adam O'Brien
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Goldust
Rocky Maivia vs. Bret Hart
Raw 04/07/1997
Owen Hart and British Bulldog vs. Godwinns
Steve Austin vs. Billy Gunn
Head Bangers vs. Barry Horowitz and Freddie Joe Floyd
Ken Shamrock vs. Vernon White
Vader vs. Frank Giletto
Steve Austin vs. Mankind
Raw 04/14/1997
LOD vs. Godwinns
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Jesse Jammes
Rocky Maivia vs. Savio Vega
Goldust vs. The Sultan
Mankind and Vader vs. Head Bangers
Ahmed Johnson vs. Crush
Raw 04/21/1997
Ahmed Johnson vs. The Sultan
Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart
Tiger Ali Singh vs. Salvatore Sincere
Jesse Jammes vs. Rock-a-Billy
The Undertaker vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Raw 04/28/1997
Flash Funk Vs. Rockabilly
Legion Of Doom Vs. Doug Furnas & Phillip LaFon
Rocky Maivia Vs. Owen Hart
Jesse James Vs. Vader
Triple H Vs. Goldust
The Undertaker Vs. British Bulldog
Raw 05/05/1997
Ahmed Johnson Vs. Rockabilly
Vader Vs. Goldust
Crush Vs. Scrub
Crush Vs. Scub
Crush Vs. Ahmed Johnson
Doug Furnas & Phillip LaFon Vs. Legion Of Doom
British Bulldog Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Raw 05/12/1997
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Ahmed Johnson
Leif Cassidy vs. Scott Putski
LOD vs. PG-13
Savio Vega vs. Undertaker
Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy
OwenHart/The British Bulldog vs. Doug Furnas/Phillip LaFon vs. Head Bangers vs. New Blackjacks
Raw 05/19/1997
Crush vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Owen Hart vs. Bob Holly
Leif Cassidy vs. Scott Taylor
Goldust vs. Rock-a-Billy
Rocky Maivia vs. Faarooq
Jim Neidhart vs. Steve Austin
Raw 05/26/1997
Legion Of Doom Vs. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart & Brian Pillman
D-Lo Brown Vs. Bob Holly
Goldust Vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler
Flash Funk Vs. Rocky Maivia
Vader Vs. Ahmed Johnson
Hunter Hearst Helmsley Vs. Rock-A-Billy
Owen Hart & British Bulldog Vs.Shawn Michaels/Steve Austin
Raw 06/02/1997
Faarooq vs. Ahmed Johnson
Owen Hart vs. Bob Holly
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Goldust
Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin vs. LOD
Savio Vega vs. Mankind
The Undertaker vs. Sycho Sid
Raw 06/09/1997
Legion Of Doom & Ahmed Johnson Vs. Nation Of Domination
British Bulldog Vs. Goldust
Doug Furnas & Phillip LaFon Vs. Head Bangers
Rob Van Dam Vs. Flash Funk – Great match.
Owen Hart Vs. Sycho Sid
Rock-A-Billy Vs. Bart Gunn
Raw 06/16/1997
Owen Hart and British Bulldog vs. Blackjacks
Phineous Godwinn vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Brian Christopher vs. Chris Candido
Goldust vs. Jim Niedhart
Steve Austin vs. Brian Pillman
Headbangers vs. Jerry Lawler and Rob Van Dam
Ahmed Johnson and The Undertaker vs. Kama Mustaffa and Faarooq
Raw 06/23/1997
Ken Shamrock Vs. Rocabilly
Godwinns Vs. LOD
Flash Funk Vs. Sabu
British Bulldog Vs. Mankind
Owen Hart Vs. Triple H Vs. Goldust
Scott Taylor Vs. Brian Christopher
The Undertaker & Vader Vs. Faarooq & D-Lo Brown
Raw 06/30/1997
Ken Shamrock Vs. Triple H
Nation Of Domination Vs. Legion Of Doom
Scott Putski Vs. Brian Christopher
Brian Pillman Vs. Mankind
Head Bangers Vs. British Bulldog & Owen Hart
Rockabilly Vs. Vader
Jim Neidhart Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Raw 07/07/1997
Taka Michinoku vs. Great Sasuke
DOA vs. Los Boricuas
Steve Austin vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Brian Christopher vs. Scrub
Goldust vs. Bret Hart
Raw 07/14/1997
Jerry The King Lawler and Brian Christopher vs. Scott and Ivan Putski
Tajiri vs. Taka
Head Bangers vs. Los Boricuas
Jim Neidhart vs. Ken Shamrock
LOD vs. Blackjacks
Flash Funk vs. Vader
Steve Austin and Dude Love vs. British Bulldog and Owen Hart
Raw 07/21/1997
Vader vs. Ken Shamrock
Bryan Walsh vs. Brian Christopher
Godwinns vs. New Blackjacks vs. Head Bangers
HHH vs. The Patriot
Faarooq vs. Goldust
Owen Hart, British Bulldog, and Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin, Dude Love, and The Undertaker
Raw 07/28/1997
Savio Vega and Perez vs. Legion Of Doom
Triple H vs. Vader
Flash Funk, Bob Holly, and Jesse James vs. The Truth Commission
Crush vs. Faarooq
Steve Austin & Dude Love vs. The Godwinns
Ken Shamrock vs. British Bulldog
Goldust vs. Rockabiliy
The Patriot vs. Bret Hart
Raw 08/04/1997
Ken Shamrock vs. Kama
Taka vs. Brian Christopher
Triple H vs. Vader
The Sultan vs. The Patriot
Ahmed Johnson vs. Chainz
Bob Holly vs. Brian Pillman-
Dude Love vs. Owen Hart
Raw 08/11/1997
LOD vs. Godwinns
Tony Williams vs. Scott Putski
Flash Funk vs. Brian Pillman
British Bulldog and Owen Hart vs. The Patriot and Ken Shamrock
Faarooq vs. Chainz
Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind
Raw 08/18/1997
LOD vs. British Bulldog and Owen Hart
Brian Christopher vs. Flash Funk
The Sultan vs. Ken Shamrock
Jesse James vs. Brian Pillman
Vader vs. The Patriot
Triple H and HBK vs. Mankind and The Undertaker
Friday Night's Main Event 08/29/1997
Bret Hart vs. Vader
Goldust vs. Salvatore Sincere
Dude Love vs. Billy Gunn
Hawk vs. British Bulldog
Rocky Maivia and Faarooq vs. Crush and Chainz
Jerry Lynn vs. Taka Michinoku
Friday Night's Main Event 09/05/1997
The Patriot vs. Owen Hart
British Bulldog vs. Dude Love
Triple H vs. Undertaker
LOD vs. Jesus and Jose
Ken Shamrock vs. Salvatore Sincere
Steve Casey vs. Scott Putski
Interrogator vs. Two Scrubs
Raw 09/08/1997
Bret Hart vs. Vader
Godwinns vs. Head Bangers
Piratita Morgan vs. Max Mini
Owen Hart vs. Goldust
Savio Vega vs. The Patriot vs. Triple H
Raw 09/15/1997
Ken Shamrock vs. Faarooq
Pantera vs. Taka Michinoku
Truth Commission vs. LOD
Dude Love vs. Brian Pillman
The Patriot vs. Owen Hart
Head Bangers vs. Bret Hart and British Bulldog
Raw 09/22/1997
Rocky Maivia Vs. Ahmed Johnson
Legion Of Doom Vs. Faarooq & Kama
Owen Hart Vs. Brian Pillman
Triple H Vs. Cactus Jack
Bret Hart Vs. Goldust
Raw 09/29/1997
British Bulldog Vs. Vader
Faarooq Vs. Ahmed Johnson
The Sultan Vs. Goldust
Head Bangers Vs. Jesus & Jose
Triple H Vs. The Undertaker
Raw 10/06/1997
Lumberjack Match- Head Bangers Vs. Godwinns
Miguel Perez Vs. Marc Mero
Rocky Maivia Vs. British Bulldog
Owen Hart Vs. Hawk
Bret Hart Vs. Triple H
Raw 10/13/1997
Owen Hart vs. Kama
Tajiri vs. Brain Christopher
Goldust vs. Savio Vega
The Godwinns vs. LOD
Raw 10/20/1997
Ken Shamrock and Ahmed Johnson vs. Rocky Maivia and Kama
Faarooq vs. Bret Hart
Brian Christopher vs. Marc Mero
Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
Head Bangers Vs. Billy Gunns & Jesse James
Tajiri vs. Taka Michinoku
Raw 10/27/1997
Goldust vs. Triple
Owen Hart vs. Ahmed Johnson
Bret Hart vs. Ken Shamrock
Blackjacks vs. Billy Gunn and Jesse James
Marc Mero vs. Flash Funk
Savio Vega and Perez vs. LOD
Raw 11/03/1997
Aguila vs. Super Loco-
Vader vs. British Bulldog
Jose and Jesus vs. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn
Ken Shamrock vs. Shawn Michaels
Raw 11-10-97
Marc Mero vs. Ahmed Johnson
Taka Michinoku vs. Devon Storm
Road Dogg and Billy Gunn vs. Blackjack Bradshaw
Kama vs. The Undertaker
Ken Shamrock vs. Triple H
Raw 11/17/1997
Merc Mero vs. Jerry Lawler
Scott Taylor vs. Eric Shelly
Rocky Maivia vs. Dude Love
Raw 11/24/1997
Legion Of Doom vs. New Age Outlaws
Brian Christopher vs. Flanigan
Savio Vega vs. Ken Shamrock
Vader vs. Shawn Michaels
Raw 12/01/1997
Aguila vs. Taka
Chainz vs. D-Lo Brown vs. Perez vs. Recon
Rocky Maivia vs. Vader
Head Bangers vs. New Age Outlaws
HHH vs. Jim Neidhart
Raw 12/08/1997
LOD vs. Godwinns
Billy Gunn vs. Dude Love
Boriquas vs. DOA
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Rocky Maivia
Raw 12/15/1997
Jerry Lawler vs. Taka Michinoku
Dude Love vs. Road Dogg
Steve Blackman vs. Jose
Shawn Michaels and Triple H vs. LOD
Raw 12/22/1997
Rocky Maivia vs. Undertaker
Scott Taylor vs. Marc Mero
Ken Shamrock vs. D-Lo Brown
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
Raw 12/29/1997
Los Boricuas vs. DOA
Kama vs. Ken Shamrock
Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher vs. Taka Michinoku and George "The Animal" Steele
Cactus Jack vs. New Age Outlaws
Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart

I do not work for any wrestling company just showing people my tapes. so all the logos and trademarks on here is for fun not intented for being infridgement.