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Smackdown 04/29/1999
Val Venis vs. Blue Blazer
Paul Wight vs. Test
Droz vs. D-Lo Brown
X-Pac/Kane vs. NAO
Bradshaw vs. Ken Shamrock
Big Bossman vs. Mankind
HHH/Undertaker vs. Rock/Steve Austin

Smackdown 08/26/1999
Jeff Jarrett vs. Mr. Ass
X-Pac/Kane vs. Acolytes vs. Paul Wight/Undertaker
Al Snow vs. Big Bossman
Road Dogg vs. Chris Jericho
Mankind vs. Shane McMahon
Ivory vs. Tori
HHH vs. Rock

Smackdown 09/02/1999
Chyna vs. Mr. Ass
Tony Chimmel vs. Howard Finkel
X-Pac vs. Chris Jericho
HHH vs. Gillberg
Mankind vs. Rock
Val Venis vs. Ken Shamrock
Crash Holly/Hardcore Holly vs. Midian/Viscera vs. Prince Albert/Droz vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Acolytes vs. Stevie Richards/Blue Meanie vs. Edge/Christian
HHH/Shane McMahon vs. Rock/Mankind

Smackdown 09/09/1999
Big Bossman vs. British Bulldog
Edge/Christian vs. Hardy Boyz
Hardcore Holly vs. Chyna
Dudley Boyz vs. Acolytes
HHH vs. Kane
Paul Wight/Undertaker vs. Mankind/Rock

Smackdown 09/16/1999
Shane McMahon vs. Joey Abs
Mark Henry vs. Steve Blackman
Curtis Hughes vs. Ken Shamrock
5-man Royal Rumble
Hardcore Holly/Crash Holly vs. Chyna/Mr. Ass
Big Bossman vs. Al Snow
Jeff Jarrett vs. Test
HHH vs. Vince McMahon

Smackdown 09/23/1999
HHH vs. Paul Wight
X-Pac vs. Mark Henry
Kane vs. HHH
Rock/Mankind vs. NAO
Viscera/Mideon vs. HHH
Hardcore Holly vs. Al Snow
Mankind vs. HHH
Ken Shamrock vs. Chris Jericho
Rock vs. HHH

Smackdown 09/30/1999
Road Dogg vs. Chris Jericho
Edge/Christian vs. New Brood
Paul Wight vs. D-Lo Brown
X-Pac/Kane vs. Dudleys vs. Acolytes
British Bulldog vs. HHH

Smackdown 10/07/1999
X-Pac/Kane vs. Viscera/Mideon
Road Dogg vs. Hardcore Holly
Edge/Christian vs. New Brood
Miss Kitty vs. Ivory
British Bulldog vs. Mankind
Paul Wight vs. Big Bossman
Val Venis vs. Rock

Smackdown 10/14/1999
Kane vs. Acolytes
Chris Jericho vs. Curtis Hughes
Big Bossman vs. Al Snow vs. Paul Wight
Val Venis vs. Stevie Richards
New Brood vs. Edge/Christian
Godfather vs. Mideon
NAO vs. Rock/Mankind

Smackdown 10/21/1999
Test/Edge/Christian vs. British Bulldog/Mean Street Posse
HHH vs. Al Snow
Mankind vs. Rock
Fabulous Moolah vs. Mae Young
Hardcore/Crash Holly vs. New Brood
Big Boss Man vs. Paul Wight
Godfather/Mark Henryvsd. Mideon/Viscera
Steve Austin vs. Val Venis

Smackdown 10/28/1999
Too Cool vs. Edge/Christian
Stevie Richards vs. Chris Jericho
British Bulldog vs. D-Lo Brown
Dudley Boyz vs. X-Pac/Kane
Hardy Boyz vs. Viscera/Mark Henry
Big Boss Man vs. Al Snow
Mankind vs. Val Venis

Smackdown 11/04/1999
Mankind/Al Snow vs. Hardcore Holly/Crash Holly
Test vs. D-Lo Brown
Too Cool vs. Hardy Boyz
Edge vs. British Bulldog
Godfather vs. Chris Jericho
Big Bossman vs. Paul Wight
Shane McMahon/Kane/Rock/Steve Austin vs. DX

Smackdown 11/11/1999
Edge vs. Hardcore Holly
D-Lo Brown/Godfather vs. Dudley Boyz
British Bulldog vs. Val Venis
Big Bossman vs. Faarooq
Grand Master Sexy vs. Jeff Hardy
Ivory vs. Tori
DX vs. Shane McMahon/Test/Kane/Rock

Smackdown 11/18/1999
Edge/Christian vs. Too Cool
Kurt Angle vs. Gangrel
Godfather vs. British Bulldog
Paul Wight vs. Hardcore Holly
Viscera vs. Kane
Ivory vs. Luna vs. Jacqueline
Mark Henry vs. Chris Jericho
NAO vs. Hardy Boyz
Big Bossman vs. Rock

Smackdown 11/25/1999
Paul Wight vs. Chris Jericho
Kurt Angle vs. D-Lo Brown
Val Venis vs. British Bulldog
Kane vs. Big Bossman
Mankind/Rock v. Hardcore Holly/Crash Holly
Joey Abs vs. Rikishi Fatu
Ivory vs. Jacqueline
Godfather vs. Al Snow
NAO vs. Hardy Boyz
HHH/X-Pac vs. Shane McMahon/Test

Smackdown 12/02/1999
Edge/Christian vs. Dudley Boyz
British Bulldog vs. D-Lo Brown
Mankind vs. Chris Jericho
Kurt Angle/Steve Blackman vs. Headbangers
Crash Holly vs. Rikishi Fatu
Al Snow vs. Rock
Paul Wight/Hardy Boyz vs. DX

Smackdown 12/09/1999
Road Dogg vs. Chris Jericho
Steve Blackman/Kurt Angle vs. Dudley Boyz
Christian vs. British Bulldog
Big Bossman/Prince Albert vs. Hardy Boyz
Mankind vs. Al Snow
Test vs. X-Pac
Rock vs. Mr. Ass
HHH vs. Kane

Smackdown 12/16/1999
Chris Jericho vs. Prince Albert
Kurt Angle vs. Test
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy
Tori vs. X-Pac
Mankind vs. Al Snow
Edge vs. Christian
Acolytes vs. Mean Street Posse
Rikishi Phatu/Too Cool vs. Viscera/Hardcore Holly/Crash Holly
NAO vs. Pat Patterson/Gerald Brisco
Rock vs. Paul Wight

Smackdown 12/23/1999
Hardcore Holly vs. Chris Jericho
Rikishi Phatu vs. Viscera
Test vs. Road Dogg
Kurt Angle vs. Edge
Rock vs. Al Snow
Kat vs. Ivory
Christian/Jeff Hardy vs. Kaientai
Kane vs. Mr. Ass
Mark Henry vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley
Mankind vs. Paul Wight

Smackdown 12/30/1999
Test vs. Prince Albert/Big Boss Man
Rikishi Phatu vs. Kurt Angle
Jeff Hardy vs. Al Snow
Mae Young/Fabulous Moolah vs. Hardcore Holly/Crash Holly
Kane vs. Rock
Chyna vs. Chris Jericho
Faarooq vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley
Gangrel/Luna vs. Viscera/Jacqueline
X-Pac vs. Paul Wight

I do not work for any wrestling company just showing people my tapes. so all the logos and trademarks on here is for fun not intented for being infridgement.