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Welcome To Robert's World Of Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts

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After The Fall
Disc 1:
Steve Rizzono & Kid Kaos vs. The Westsiders
Public Enemy vs. The Westsiders
XPW World Title History
Chris Candido w/ Tammy Sytch vs. Damien Steele
The Pitbulls vs. The Westsiders
Sabu w/ Josh Lazie vs. Terry Funk w/ Rob Black
Kid Kaos vs. Tracy Smothers
Axl Rotten vs. Supreme
Sabu w/ Josh Lazie vs. Chris Candido
Axl Rotten vs. Abdullah The Butcher
Sabu w/ Josh Lazie & Homeless Jimmy vs. The Messiah & Vic Grimes
Sabu w/ Josh Lazie vs. The Messiah w/ Lizzy Borden
Disc 2:
Major Gunns vs. Lizzy Borden
The Sandman vs. Konnan
The Juice Bar w/ Juventud Guerrera
Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Chetti
Psicosis vs. Chris Chetti vs. Sonny Siaki vs. Christian York
Super Crazy vs. Jerry Lynn
Juventud Guerrera vs. Julio Dinero
Vic Grimes vs. Little Guido vs. Alter Boy Luke
Halloween vs. Damian 666
Mexico's Most Wanted vs. Kraq & Kronus
J-Love sings 'America The Beautiful'
Simon Diamond vs. Pogo The Clown
Super Crazy vs. Psicosis
Kaos w/ G.Q. Money & Veronica Caine vs. Chris Hamrick
Shane Douglas Promos
Shane Douglas vs. Justin Credible
Fan Cam Matches:
Raven vs. Vic Grimes
Supreme vs. Ian Rotten
Big Dick Dudley vs. Damien Steele vs. 'White Trash' Johnny Webb
Supreme vs Kid Kaos 
Messiah vs Johnny Webb 
John Kronus vs Carlito Montana
Axl Rotten vs Homeless Jimmy
Chronic vs Jay N
Supreme vs Messiah 
John Kronus vs Axl Rotten
Chris Candido vs Damien Steele
Supreme vs John Kronus
John Kronus vs Johnny Webb
Kid Kaos vs Mike Modest vs Phenomenal Phil
New Jack vs Dynamite "D".
Vic Grimes vs Kraq
Johnny Webb vs Nosawa 
Homeless Jimmy vs John Kronus
Supreme vs Steve Rizzono vs Pogo The Clown
Juventud Guerrera vs Kid Kaos
Supreme vs Johnny Webb
Vic Grimes vs Homeless Jimmy
The Messiah vs Tool.
Vic Grimes vs Supreme
Kid Kaos vs The Enterprise.
Dynamite D vs John Kronus
Vic Grimes vs Leroy The RCG.
Konnan vs Johnny Webb.
Kid Kaos vs Dynamite D.
Konnan vs Vic Grimes.
"Rumble Royale"
Kid Kaos vs Konnan.
Rob Black & Johnny Webb vs Sabu & Josh Lazie.
Homeless Jimmy music video.
Supreme music video.
Supreme vs Homeless Jimmy.
The Westsiders music video.
The Pitbulls music video.
Johnny Webb music video.
Phenomenal Phil vs Johnny Webb"
Johnny Webb vs Dynamite D.
Damien Steele music video.
Damien Steele vs Big Dick Dudley"
TV Eps 5
Carlito Montana vs. Damien Steele
Dynamite D vs. Tool
"White Trash" Johnny Webb vs. The Messiah
TV Eps 6
W.S.N. vs. Kid Kaos & Steve Rizzono
Kronus vs. Sabu
Carlito Montana vs. Damien Steele
Sabu Vs. Kronus
Axl Rotten vs. Homeless Jimmy
Damien Steele vs. Sabu
The Messiah vs. Sabu
Psychosis vs Super Crazy
Altar Boy Luke vs Supreme
Danny Doring vs Chaos
Shane Douglas vs Chris Candido
Sandman vs. Pogo the Clown
Julio Dinero vs. Juventud Guerrera
Mexico's Most Wanted vs The Dead Prez

I do not work for any wrestling company just showing people my tapes. so all the logos and trademarks on here is for fun not intented for being infridgement.