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Welcome To Robert's World Of Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts

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Episode 1
Tito Santana VS Ultimate Destroyer
Greg Valentine VS Billy Joe Eaton
Tony Atlas VS Sonny Rogers
Nailz VS Rick Thunder
Sgt. Slaughter VS Ken McGuire
Koko B. Ware VS Bobby Bradley
Episode 2
Johnny Gunn VS Ronnie Vegas
Hercules VS Jimi V
Texas Hangmen VS Butler Stevens/Mike Brahm
Hurricane Smith VS Lightning Rod
Mr. Hughes VS Bobby Bradley
Cowboy Bob Orton VS Trevor Blanchard
Chris Adams VS Ron Powers
Episode 3
Samoan Swat Team VS Chris Adams/Konnan 2000
Cowboy Bob Orton VS T Rex
Sgt. Slaughter VS The Terrorist
Mr. Hughes/Hercules VS The Renegades
Episode 4
Chris Adams VS Bobby Bradley
Johnny Gunn VS Jimi V
Greg Valentine VS Ronnie Vegas
Cowboy Bob Orton VS Billy Joe Eaton
Mr. Hughes VS Hurricane Smith
Episode 5
Superfly Jimmy Snuka VS Mr. Hughes
Sgt. Slaughter VS Ultimate Destroyer
Tommy Rich VS Tony Atlas
Nailz VS Koko B. Ware
Hercules VS Tito Santana
Episode 6
Tony Atlas VS Ron Powers
Michael Hayes VS Bobby Bradley
Chris Adams VS The Warlord
Cowboy Bob Orton VS Johnny Gunn
Greg Valentine VS Jim Powers
Episode 7
Chris Adams VS Greg Valentine
Tommy Rich VS Sgt. Slaughter
Cowboy Bob Orton VS Koko B Ware
Mr. Hughes VS Tito Santana
Episode 8
Tito Santana VS Tommy Rich
Nailz VS Jimi V
Hercules VS Lightning Rod
Cowboy Bob Orton VS Lightning Rod
Episode 9
Tito Santana VS Cowboy Bob Orton
Episode 10
Koko B. Ware VS Trevor Blanchard
Michael Hayes VS Danny Boy Hawkins
Texas Hangmen VS Eric Freedom/Butler Stevens
Tony Atlas VS Cody Hunter
Greg Valentine/Tommy Rich VS Firefighter Jim/Pretty Boy Floyd
Sgt. Slaughter VS T Rex
Episode 11
Johnny Gunn/Jim Powers VS Hubert Simpson/Dan McGuire
Nailz VS Night Train Jackson
Chris Adams VS Sonny Rogers
Hercules/Mr. Hughes VS Billy Joe Eaton/Rick Rocket
Tom Zenk VS Hulk Elliot
Cowboy Bob Orton VS Chad Miller
Episode 12
2 Cold Scorpio VS Bobby Bradley
Charlie Norris VS Tony Ramone
The Renegades VS Pretty Boy Floyd/Firefighter Jim
Konnan 2000 VS Ronnie Vegas
Samoan Swat Team VS Eric Freedom/Tony Allen
Fidel Sierra VS Trevor Blanchard
Episode 13
Tito Santana VS The Bounty Hunter
Fabulous Freebirds VS Hubert Simpson/Don Diamond
Johnny Gunn VS T Rex
Steve Casey VS John Paul
Texas Hangmen VS Tony Atlas/Koko B. Ware
Episode 14
Hercules/Mr. Hughes VS Ronnie Vegas/Cody Hunter
2 Cold Scorpio/Chris Adams VS Dan McGuire/Billy Joe Eaton
Charlie Norris VS Chad Miller
Z Man VS The Bounty Hunter
Greg Valentine/Tommy Rich VS Danny Boy Hawkins/Night Train Jackson
Episode 15
The Renegades VS Bobby Bradley/Sonny Rogers
Steve Casey VS Terry Allen
Johnny Gunn/Jim Powers VS Tony Ramone/Rick Rocket
Fidel Sierra VS Firefighter Jim
Samoan Swat Team VS Hubert Simpson/Pretty Boy Floyd
Episode 16
Texas Hangman VS Chad Miller/John Paul
Chris Adams VS Trevor Blanchard
Tito Santana VS Ronnie Vegas
Tony Atlas/Koko B. Ware VS Greg Valentine/Tommy Rich
Episode 17
Southern Posse VS Charlie Norris/Z Man
Super Destroyer #1 VS Vern Henderson
Ron Powers VS Manny Fernandez
Hercules/Mr. Hughes VS Kenny Kendal/Butch Long
Sgt. Slaughter VS Jerry Flynn
Episode 18
The Renegades VS John Paul/Steve Storm
Johnny Gunn/Jim Powers VS Texas Hangmen
Blacktop Bully VS Chris Nelson
The Executioner VS Derrick Lambert
Super Destroyers VS Tony Atlas/Koko B. Ware

I do not work for any wrestling company just showing people my tapes. so all the logos and trademarks on here is for fun not intented for being infridgement.