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Welcome To Robert's World Of Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts

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This website is independently owned and is NOT affiliated in any way
 with any Professional Wrestling or MMA promotion from the past or present. was created as a referencing and informational based site, for all
Wrestling & MMA fans to use. We will be updating this site daily with any
and all information we can regarding Match Listings of any televised programming,
commercially released videos, and all other footage known to exist on film.

Please note before reading any further, this is NOT a Video Distribution site as I do not
even have the vast majority of the stuff listed on the sub links. This site was created with
the help of several dozen sources on the net. I
built this site so the fans can have a
Referencing Guide/Encyclopedia to use in regards to their own personal collections as
well as for other informational purposes of past event results.


I do not work for any wrestling company just showing people my tapes. so all the logos and trademarks on here is for fun not intented for being infridgement.