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Welcome To Robert's World Of Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts

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Xtreme Action Volume 1  
Trent Acid vs. "Sick" Nick Mondo 
Joker vs. Chris Cash 
Nate Hatred vs. Nick Gage 
Zandig vs. Lobo
Aerial Assault 
Jody Fleisch vs Jonny Storm 
Sonjay Dutt vs Chris Cash 
Ruckus vs Trent Acid 
"Sick" Nick Mondo vs Homeless Jimmy
Night Of Infamy
Ian Knoxx vs. Derek Frazier vs. Hurricane Kid 
Jon Dahmer vs. GQ 
Nick Berk vs. Josh Prohibition 
Backseat Boyz vs. "Sick" Nick Mondo & M-Dogg 20 
Chris Cash vs. Ruckus vs. Sonjay Dutt - Ladder Match 
Nick Gage & Nate Hatred vs. The Messiah & Justice Pain 
Wifebeater vs. Zandig
Tournament of Death 1
Zandig vs Nate Hatred
Messiah vs Adam Flash 
Arsenal & Green Phantom vs The Hardcore Ninjaz
Necro Butcher vs Wifebeater
Mr. Insanity vs Nick Gage
Sick" Nick Mondo vs Homeless Jimmy
The Backseat Boyz vs Sonjay Dutt & Derek Frazier vs Jon Dahmer & Towel Boy vs Chri$ Ca$h & GQ
Justice Pain vs Nick Berk vs Ruckus
Nick Gage vs Wifebeater
Messiah vs "Sick" Nick Mondo
Wifebeater vs "Sick" Nick Mondo
Cage of Death 4
Cage of Death Match: Zandig vs Lobo
Adam Flash, Jon Dahmer, Derek Frazier & Irish Drinking Team vs Rockin Rebel, Greg Matthews, Doomsday Danny Rose, GQ & Chris Cash
Z-Barr vs Rick Feinberg & Hurricane Kid
Josh Prohibition vs Nick Berk - Submission Match
Sonjay Dutt vs M-Dogg 20 vs Ruckus
The H8 Club vs Chris Hero & B-Boy
Backseat Boyz vs "Sick" Nick Mondo & Ric Blade
Justice Pain vs The Messiah
Tournament of Death 3
The Arsenal vs Evil Ninja
Nick Gage vs Ruckus
Mad Man Pondo vs Wifebeater
Sexxxy Eddy vs Ian Knoxx
Necro Butcher vs The Green Phantom
JC Bailey vs Chri$ Ca$h
Sexxxy Eddy vs The Arsenal
JC Bailey vs Wifebeater
Nick Gage vs Necro Butcher
Necro Butcher vs Wifebeater
JC Bailey vs. Sexxxy Eddy 
Mad Man Pondo vs. Toby Klein 
Beef Wellington vs. Brain Damage
Ian Rotten vs. Necro Butcher
Nick Gage vs. Nate Webb
Zandig vs. Eddie Kingston & Robbie Mireno
Necro Butcher vs. Brain Damage
Zandig vs. Toby Klein
Nick Gage vs. JC Bailey
Ultraviolent Rumble 
Zandig vs. Nick Gage vs. Necro Butcher
An Afternoon Of Main Events
Larry Sweeney vs. Excalibur 
Niles Young vs. Cloudy 
Adam Flash vs. Heretic 
Black Out vs. Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli & Super Dragon 
Derek Frazier vs. Cheech 
Justice Pain vs. Joker 
Nick Gage vs. JC Bailey vs. Necro Butcher

Delaware Invasion 
Jeff Rocker vs. Jon Dahmer vs. Ruckus 
Rockin Rebel vs. Nick Berk 
Barr & Johnny Kashmere vs. Lobo & Nick Gage 
Eddie Valentine & Briscoe Brothers vs. Trent Acid 
Ric Blade vs. Super Crazy 
Wifebeater vs. Nate Hatred 
Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Justice Pain

I do not work for any wrestling company just showing people my tapes. so all the logos and trademarks on here is for fun not intented for being infridgement.